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On the agrarian market of the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and a number of other countries, agricultural machinery and equipment from the research and production enterprise "Belama Plus" is popular. Our company specializes in several areas of production at once, in each of which significant results have been achieved. The products must be tested with computer data processing. This approach ensures impeccable quality and reliability.

Treaters, sprayers, equipment for transportation and storage, as well as other products from the catalog compete successfully with more expensive imported counterparts. The company's specialists, headed by its CEO Lukutin A.A. prepared a short overview of agricultural machinery, which they design and manufacture. In the article you will find information about the main activities and products of OOO NPP "Belama Plus".

What the company offers: range and features of technology

The production activity of the Belarusian Company covers several important areas in the agricultural sector at once. The key here is the manufacture of equipment for chemical plant protection and seed treatment. One of the main criteria for a good harvest of various crops is reliable protection against diseases and pests.

With the development of these areas, the company LLC NPP "Belama Plus" began its activities. Since 1994, specialists have begun to produce sets for boom sprayers. Such equipment quickly gained popularity in the agricultural market of the Republic of Belarus. With its help, agricultural companies and farms have managed to significantly increase the effectiveness of the use of drugs that destroy pests and pathogens of plants.

Today the production of different types of seed dressing machines is the main activity of the company. It not only manufactures unique mobile and stationary equipment, but also develops various technologies to improve the etching results. The company's catalog contains a whole range of machines designed for processing various types of crops and with different productivity. High-performance equipment of the following categories is available to buyers from Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries:

  • Stationary lines for cleaning and dressing seeds;
  • Self-propelled seed treaters;
  • Stationary seed treaters;
  • Trailed sprayers;
  • Equipment for adding a preservative to the baler;
  • Equipment for adding a preservative to a forage harvester;
  • Equipment for the cultivation of potatoes.

At the same time, the machinery and equipment presented by the Belarusian manufacturer are in no way inferior, and in many respects even surpass their imported counterparts. As for the cost, in comparison with foreign machines (European countries, the USA), Belama Plus products are much cheaper for buyers from the CIS countries.

Plant protection machinery and equipment is not the only area of ​​the company. Several years ago, its specialists started mastering the production of frameless arched hangars. The reason was the experience of foreign countries, where leading agricultural companies are already actively using such structures as an alternative to reinforced concrete hangars. The main advantages of arched hangars without a frame are:

  • quick installation, which takes no more than a month (the construction of a concrete hangar takes 6 - 12 months);
  • low cost, which for frameless structures is approximately 2-3 times lower than for reinforced concrete;
  • ability to design according to specified dimensions and parameters without reference to the base project.
We do not stop there. We continue to master new areas of activity and technologies. Products of LLC NPP "Belama Plus" are deservedly popular in the agricultural market.
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Белама плюс

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